Flexible Graphite Products

Flexible Graphite Tape

We are offering a comprehensive range of Flexible Graphite Tapes to the clients. These are used as a filler material for making Spiral Wound Gaskets Standard. Our graphite tapes are ideal material for gasket and sealing applications.

Graphite Die Moulded Rings

Standard die forming of Flexible Pure Graphite Rings the life out of the ring - that's why we pre-form. We put compressibility and resilience into each ring and that's what makes the difference.When you receive a pre-formed ring from Smart-Shield, it still has 15% to 20% compressibility left in it

Reinforced Gasket Sheet

This product is formed by mechanically sticking flexible graphite sheets together with metal plate. It has good compressibility and resilience, excellent sealing property for microscopic surface irregularities and long working life. It is mainly used for making cylinder gaskets of engines and punching into all kinds of sealing gaskets.

Non Metallic Graphite Sheet

Our customers can avail 100 % pure Non-Metallic Graphite Sheet from us for sealing different kinds of metallic and non-metallic flanges. These products find wide application in chemical processing industry, nuclear, aerospace and automotive industry.

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